Submission Terms

– Chautauqua County artists of any age are welcome to submit their creative work.  Artists under the age of 18 must have a sponsoring adult listed.

– Artists are encouraged to submit work encompassing the themes of wellness, addiction/recovery, mental health, and healing.

– Artists are asked to submit along with their creative work a description/reflection on their work.  These comments can be in either a written (up to 100 words) or video (up to 30 seconds) format.

– All submitted works will be considered for inclusion in the Hope and Healing Conference of WNY (and associated media).  Acceptance of works is under the sole discretion of the submission committee.  All decisions are final.

– Works containing objectionable content will not be approved.  This decision lies solely with the submission committee.

– Artists may submit one entry for consideration.

– Files of uploaded artwork should be titled: Last Name-First Name-Title of Art.jpg (or other file type).  Image size may be up to 200 MB.

– Videos may be up to (but not more than) 2 minutes in length.

– The artwork should be visible, clear and in focus. Please crop out any background in the images.

– All works must be original.  The submitting artist must have full rights to the submitted work and be the original artist. If the work is found to not be original, the Hope and Healing Conference of Western NY, its partners and affiliates, bear no responsibility or liability for copyright infringement.

– The artist will retain full copyrights to their work.  By submitting their work, artists agree to allow the Hope and Healing Conference of Western NY to reproduce, distribute, display, create derivative works of and otherwise use the artist’s name, submitted work, and associated content, with credit to the artist, for promotional purposes in any media (website, social media, blogs, email, newsletters and/or other media).

– The Hope and Healing Conference of Western NY retains the right to remove any work from the conference and related exhibition.

– No compensation will be paid for use of submitted works or associated content by the Hope and Healing Conference of Western NY.

– Works must be submitted by 5:00pm on (EXTENDED TO) JUNE 4, 2021.

– Artists will be notified by email regarding the acceptance of their work for the “Art of Hope and Healing Conference” on June 10 and for online display at after that date. 

– By participating in and submitting work to the Hope and Healing Conference of Western NY, the artist acknowledges their unconditional acceptance of these terms.

– Please direct any questions to: